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Doug Lessing

Founder of Phin; Advocate for companies doing good and becoming stronger while doing so

Doug Lessing, as a speaker and longtime partner of multiple tech companies over the past 30 years, has made it his life’s work to evangelize the importance of using business as force for good in a fractured world. As the Founder of his latest venture, Phin, a philanthropic tech platform and certified BCorp, he is an advocate for companies being great by doing good.   Phin models the BCorp ethos of using business as a force for good while helping companies build great teams and company culture by incorporating positive values and social good into their daily actions. Doug is featured on Worth Magazine’s Worthy 100 Entrepreneurs. He currently serves as an advisor to several founders and is on the leadership team of Founders Network, a group of 700 tech founders from around the world.

Doug was born and raised along the Great South Bay of Long Island, NY and now resides in Blue Point, known for its oysters and beer. Married to his wife Grace, with 3 Gen-Z daughters, Alexie, Jillian and Lindsay, Doug has been surrounded, outnumbered and influenced by strong women. This positive influence has encouraged him on his quest to be an exponential force for good and compassion, creating a more equitable, healthy and peaceful world for future generations.