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Christina Kelly Lopes

CEO and Founder, One Health Company

Christina Lopes is CEO and Founder of the One Health Company, an AI and genomics oncology company. One Health’s novel platform, FidoCure, was validated by Nature
(precision oncology) for improving canine cancer outcomes while also demonstrating that studying cancer in dogs can help advance human cancer R&D. One Health’s unique mission
to fight cancer on both sides of the leash is backed by both Andreessen Horowitz (a16z bio + health portfolio) and Y-Combinator. Previously, Christina was Managing Director of
Cerberus Capital, a private equity firm with $50B under management. She also served as Advisory Board Director for International Planned Parenthood, which serves 30 million
health services per year. The World Economic Forum at Davos recognized Lopes as a Young Global Leader and Inc. Magazine named her a Top100 Female Founder. She is listed as
author of several scientific publications. Christina completed doctoral coursework at Princeton University under Dr. Cornel West and received a Masters from Columbia’s SIPA.