Ms. Sherry P. Witter

Ms. Sherry P. Witter

Managing Partner, Co-Founder, CIO of Witter Family Offices

Sherry P. Witter is the Managing Partner, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of the Witter (Dean Witter) Family Offices, headquartered in New York City. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of investing and operating activities. Sherry has managed assets for over two decades and has a strong commitment to developing and incubating new and unexploited trading strategies. As a Family Office, the Witters’ assets are invested in real estate, private equity, venture opportunities, art, fine musical instruments, and hedge funds.


Through Sherry’s management, she has multiplied her family’s net worth multi-fold and the performance has largely been derived from her hedge fund investments. As a strategy, Sherry deploys a venture approach to hedge fund investing and continues to be the early partner, sometimes the seeder of small and emerging hedge fund managers. Since 2011, Sherry has seeded or early invested in over one hundred hedge funds/trading strategies.  She continues to add to her stable of traders which includes a diversified set of liquid strategies that encompass crypto arbitrage, CTAs, event driven, equity long/short, directional, commodities, among others.


On the private side, Sherry continues to be the lead and/or co-investor direct to companies and in funds.  Prior to forming the Witter Family Offices with her husband Michael D. Witter in 2011, Sherry started her first hedge fund in 1998 and has since launched seven opportunistic liquid funds where she continues to be a General Partner. These strategies are designed to only manage the assets of the GPs, Sherry and her husband, Michael D. Witter.


Sherry began her career at Lazard Frères followed by ESL Investments, Sherry went to the University of Pennsylvania and The Juilliard School, Pre-College Division. She was born in New York City and continues to reside in New York with her husband of twenty years and two sons.