Ms. Grace M Lovret

Ms. Grace M Lovret

Managing Member & CIO, Family Office Franger LLC

Grace has been a part of this family office for 54 years and manages the assets of three generations. Her investment approach is diversified and based on the needs and age of the family members. She is also the Founder and sole proprietor of her own tax practice, GL Consulting LLC.

Grace is on the board of several startups across various industries.  While advising on financial matters and innovative ideas is the value she brings to table, being a part of someone’s entrepreneurial vision is truly what she finds most rewarding.

She is a proud supporter of St. Jude Children’s Research and part of planned giving.  Grace most enjoys mentoring young, suddenly divorced, or widowed women in financial literacy and planning.  Most recently she has become the host of her own iHeart Radio podcast, called ‘Becoming Her, the Journey.’  It is a show grounded in the mission of offering guidance, insights, community, and support to younger women in all walks of life, with the intention of being a sounding board for their voices in today’s world.

Off time is always best spent with her three grandchildren.