Ms. Elaine Szeto

Ms. Elaine Szeto

Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, Integro Bancorp, Inc.

Elaine Szeto - EVP, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder at Integro Bank - leading business strategy, technology, innovation, and strategic deliverables.   Prior to joining Integro Bank, Elaine held key leadership roles at PNC and Western Alliance Banks.

Szeto is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University where she earned her MBA with honors and holds a B.S. (magna cum laude) in Finance.  During her career, Elaine has chaired a number of leadership initiatives, including The Commonwealth Institute’s Top Women-Led Businesses, YWCA and PNC Women Series Program.  As the Board Advisor of TCI, she collaborated with University of Miami and other research companies in promoting the Top Women-Led Businesses Research Institute.  She also served as a board of governor for both Diversity Council and Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art.  For her leadership, Elaine was awarded The Multicultural Leadership Award.

About Integro Bank:

Integro Bank (Proposed) is a Mission based bank that has the objective of helping small business grow and increase employment in the aftermath of COVID.   Our Why:  Because employment lifts people up and transforms lives.  While small businesses of 100 employees or less represent 99% of all companies and are viewed as the engine of economic growth, they only receive 4.5% of all loans.  As a result, small businesses are starved for growth capital.  Integro Bank’s proprietary Integro-360 innovative solutions combined with the Integro CEO Club – provide small businesses with the fintech tools, consultative services and personal human touch they need to grow and prosper.