Mr. Sean Fitzgibbons

Mr. Sean Fitzgibbons

Co-Founder & CBO, ZUUL

Prior to founding Zuul, Sean joined the food tech space where he served as Director of Channel Growth with San Francisco based Foodsmart, a digital nutrition platform that manages and reduces chronic disease.

Today, Sean acts as CBO of Zuul, where he leverages his knowledge of the food tech space and experience in strategic partnership development to design initiatives that fuel company growth and partner success.

About Zuul:

Zuul is a ghost kitchen technology company that provides products and services designed to help people thrive in the business of food. As the world shifts to an on-demand, tech-driven economy, Zuul makes this new operating model accessible to operators and brands. Zuul leverages its technology to partner with landlords, companies and restaurants to create a more sustainable, hospitality-driven delivery