Mr. Justin Kamine

Mr. Justin Kamine

Cofounder, KDC Ag and Partner, Kamine Development Corporation


Category:  Manufacturing and Industry

Lives in:  New York, New York

Born in Tewksbury, New Jersey

Undergraduate degree from Lafayette College – Environmental Business and Public Policy

Year you completed undergrad: 2011

twitter handle.. J_Kamine



Justin Kamine has been at the forefront spearheading the sustainable and environmentally progressive technologies and food movements for the past 6 years.

His angel investments and entrepreneurial talents have lead him to be deeply involved with growing technologies that are actively transforming the agriculture world; creating a more sustainable food supply chain, eliminating food and plastic waste and developing solar projects. He is a managing member of Kamine Development Corporation the Kamine’ family development office that has developed over $3.5B of national infrastructure.  Justin is now also the cofounder and partner of KDC Ag a company that raised $10M and includes ownership from the Buffett’s that is looking to eliminate food waste, increase soil and animal health and create a 100% sustainable and closed loop agriculture system.  He has been pivotal in the development of KDC Solar which has engineering, permitted developed and owns over 75 megawatts of solar ($200M) and is one of the largest behind the meter asset portfolios.  He is on the board of several sustainable businesses focused on changing the world. His investments which he is usually first into are sustainably focused, and have led him to be partners with the likes of Mark Cuban via Shark Tank and his entrepreneurial talents and operation of companies have lead him to be partners with the likes of Howard W. Buffett, Alex Urquhart former CEO of GE Energy, Matt Jansen former President of ADM and Ann Veneman former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

Justin is a Board member to California Safe Soil, a patented fresh food waste conversion technology, an investor / advisor to LoliWare the worlds first 100% biodegradable and edible plastic, investor into Aerofarms the worlds largest indoor vertical farm and Advisor to Food Future one of the more pre-eminent food incubator programs in the U.S.

Justin recently was a Forbes 30U30 winner, the winner of the Clean Tech Equity Award presented by the Prince of Monaco for the most environmentally progressive technology and has been consistently featured in CNBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur and other publications.  He has also spoken at the Forbes Agtech conference and a founding member of the Forbes Impact Summit.

Justin is also a member of the CREO – Cleantech Syndicate – a group of family offices focused on deploying over $1billion into sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.  He has recently founded the CREO Cleantech Millennial group focused on the next generation of investors, entrepreneurs and developers focused on progressing society to more regenerative and sustainable solutions.

He is a founding member of the Forbes Impact Summit and sits on the gala committees for Blue Sphere a non-profit group focused on protecting ocean fish populations by creating safeguarded areas and the Resolution Project which is a global social impact program that has worked with social entrepreneurs across 50+ countries directly benefiting over 600,000 people.

Justin was also honoured with the 2017 Presidential Award for commitment to social impact and sustainability and is an advisor to Pope Francis’s social sustainable initiative focused on finding economically viable solutions to the world’s problems put on at the Vatican called The Laudato Si Challenge.

Justin has committed his life and dedicated his career on proving the theory that environmentally sustainable investments and technologies can progress society while still providing better than normal financial yields.

He received a BA from Lafayette College in Environmental Business and Public Policy



Spoken at the Forbes Agtech Conference, Hosting the Forbes Impact Summit, Spoke at the Rockefeller Food Tank Summit, Concordia Global UN Summit to name a few:

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