Mr. Adam Treiser

Mr. Adam Treiser

CEO, Arjuna Solutions  


Adam Treiser is a respected pioneer and inventor in applied Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) for decision-making. He is a noted professor of decision sciences at the Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering, and founder of Arjuna Solutions, a quickly growing A.I. services firm that helps nonprofits more effectively scale.  Adam also founded Skeleton Key, where he helped productize the firms’ Intellectual Property.

Adam is known for his industry foresight and has been granted multiple patents for novel adaptations of A.I. algorithms, specifically in the area of determining relationships between data items and individuals, and dynamically calculating a metric score based on groups of characteristics. His innovations include self-learning algorithms that enable dynamic, complex consumer decisions such as pricing optimization to become reliably predictable events. He has also developed algorithms that determine whom to prioritize for a specific fundraising campaign, and at what specific time of the year to make that solicitation, among other valuable decision-modeling capabilities.

Adam has used Arjuna’s A.I. decision-making services to enable nonprofit organizations to build greater financial capacity for the advancement of their missions. The key output of Arjuna’s A.I. decisions for nonprofit organizations is distinct insights into the dynamics of individual donor behavior in real-time that simultaneously improve giving levels while lowering fundraising costs and sustaining brand value.

Adam delivered the keynote address at the United Nations Conference on Human Horizons, sharing his insights on the subject of “A.I. for Humanity.”

He holds a J.D. from Georgetown University’s School of Law with a focus on taxation, and a B.S. in Business, cum laude, from The George Washington University School of Business.

Adam spent part of his early career as a corporate attorney working with Fortune 500 companies and national non-governmental organizations, specializing in private equity, venture capital, and corporate reorganizations. During that time, he developed an appreciation of the practical realities and key data gaps facing decision-makers. Adam also worked in NFL sports marketing and is an avid skier who loves spending time with his kids.