Dr. Severence M. MacLaughlin

Dr. Severence M. MacLaughlin

Founder & CEO, DeLorean Artificial Intelligence (DAI)

Dr. MacLaughlin is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Delorean Artificial Intelligence (DAI) which produces sentient and semi-sentient systems of intelligence for Sales, Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, and Natural Resources markets.  DAI has successfully submitted and holds Patent Pending rights on a number of Predictive and Interventive AI capabilities.

Severence is a thought leader in the application of Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences & Advanced Analytics space and has helped numerous Retail, CPG, Healthcare (Payer, Provider, Technology & Government), Life Sciences (Pharma, Biotech & Medical Device), and Financial Services (Investment Banks, Hedge Funds) organizations in addressing complex business challenges, resulting in improved health outcomes, better operational efficiencies, enhanced regulatory compliance, decreased costs and increased top line growth in an entrepreneurial fashion. He is well versed in Pharma operations from development, clinical trials to regulatory and go to market events.  In the Healthcare space, Severence is seen as a trusted advisor to the CXO’s in aiding digitization of Medical Operations for Hospitals and Providers as well as increasing health outcomes for the Payer Community.

Dr. MacLaughlin is one of the top ranked Life Sciences/Healthcare Data Scientists globally (Ranked among top 20 Life Sciences Data Scientists; Ranked #2 Healthcare Data Scientist; Ranked #1 Consulting Data Scientist in the Life Sciences and Healthcare knowledge base; Recognized as American Healthcare Leader for Q1 2018).

Severence M. MacLaughlin’s career is comprised of a demonstrated track record in Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, Operational Strategic Analytics, Bio Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Due Diligence and Project Execution for Healthcare, Life Science and Financial Services industries. Severence’s experiences encompass advising members of domestic and foreign governments on policy development for Technology Development (Artificial Intelligence), Healthcare, Life Sciences & Education (USA, UK, France, Austria, Australia, Russia & Kingdom of Denmark) as well as having the opportunity to advise the United Nations and the World Health Organization on AI and disease progression. In addition to these areas of expertise, Dr. MacLaughlin has interests in helping executive’s across a broad range of business sectors harness the true potential of their internal data sets to improve operational efficiency, rationalize costs and increase top line growth. Severence has advised a diverse number of industries ranging from insurance, financial services, US auto sales, franchise based businesses, agriculture, academic institutions, and other Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. MacLaughlin’s clients include advising the C suite of the top 25 global Health Care Insurance and Hospital Groups, the top 20 Pharma companies and two of the top Global Investment Banks.  Severence manages the go-to-market, sales, solutioning and delivery of novel AI and data science accelerators in addition to advising and consulting executive integration and formulation of Data Sciences and Big Data Strategy Roadmap for these organizations. Dr. MacLaughlin has delivered over 40 new disruptive technologies and or implemented Systems of Intelligence resulting in over $1.8B in net present value to customers and an estimated $8B ROI over the next five years.  In addition, Severence evaluates potential companies and technologies for acquisition and has developed a robust System for M&A and corporate restructuring activities encompassed within Due Diligence through Data Integrity (DDDI) resulting in an increased rate of return on investment (RROI) & an improved process efficiency.

Prior to taking the leadership role at DeLorean AI, Severence served as Chief of Intelligence for Capgemini Invent, Western Hemisphere.  Before his time at Capgemini, Dr. MacLaughlin was the Global Head for Artificial Intelligence & Data Sciences in the Healthcare & Life Sciences verticals and Head, Artificial Intelligence Learning Institute (AILI) and Cognizant Academy of Data Sciences (CADS) at Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Severence earned a BS (Magna Cum Laude, Honors & Distinction in Research) at Cornell University, a Doctorate Degree (Honors, Top 1%) from the University of Adelaide and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of South Australia, where he maintains an adjunct academic position and taught medical, dental and nursing curricula. Severence has authored over 20 international scientific papers and given invited lectures and conference papers at academic institutions as well as international scientific events. Severence is personally interested in equine, bovine and ovine genetics and breeding as well as being an accomplished equestrian and amateur polo player.