Mr. Eli Verschleiser

Mr. Eli Verschleiser

Chairman and CEO, The Multi Group of Companies

Eli Verschleiser serves as the Chairman of The Multi Group of Companies, where he has overseen a private real estate investment banking firm specializing in sourcing complex financial solutions for its client base. Through his companies Mr. Verschleiser has been involved in over $7 Billion of real estate transactions.  In addition to his investment banking activities, Mr. Verschleiser has developed commercial and residential projects in the New York metropolitan area for his own account, and was responsible for winning the national public 858 Acre RFP for the Master Re-Development of Riviera Beach Florida.

Mr. Verschleiser has been involved in the ownership, development, management, and sale of millions of square feet of office buildings, hundreds of apartments, and many condominium projects. Mr. Verschleiser led a team at Multi Capital which co-underwrote The Leser Group LTD. in its bond issuance on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the first US based private real estate company issuing hundreds of millions in public bonds.

Eli's has built long standing professional relationships with key financial institutions including commercial banks, conduits, pension funds, equity funds and insurance companies, in addition to major developers and investors throughout the U.S and abroad, upon whom he calls to joint venture with him and finance projects undertaken by him and his clients.

In his Philanthropy, Mr. Verschleiser is involved in numerous international and community organizations. Eli is a board member of the American Jewish Congress, the co-founder of, and current President for OurPlace, a non-profit organization that provides support, shelter, and counseling for troubled Jewish youth.

In addition Mr. Verschleiser is a frequent commentator on political and social services matters.

Mr. Verschleiser attended NYU Real Estate Institute (REI).